Against The Wal Weekend Wrap Up

Clad in haz-mat suits and weilding rolls of caution tape, more than 40 concerned citizens from across Arkansas marched on the Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting June 2nd in Fayetteville, AR to put the retail giant under "Quarantine." Holding aloft a banner that read "Wal-Mart : Hazardous to Worker Healthcare," we called upon the shareholders streaming out of Bud Walton Arena to reform the company's harmful labor and environmental practices. Surely, the richest corporation on Earth can pay a living wage and provide healthcare to all their workers. After the meeting, our haz-mat suited "Bureau of Worker Health" took our operation downtown to Fayetteville's restaurant/bar district where we again engaged many Wal-Mart shareholders as they ate and relaxed. This was but one action of many around the nation that occured during the Walmart shareholders convention. Other actions occured at Nashville, Chicago, Cleveland, Long Island, Philly, Denver, Atlanta, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Rhode Island, Iowa City, Urbana, Illinois, Tulsa, Eugene, Salt Lake City, and Mountain View, CA. Read Reports-See Pictures-and watch movies from Quarantine Actions Across the country Hear KKFI Kansas Cities Community Radio Station's report on the Fayetteville quartantine. Read a report on the excellent "Bikes Not Sprawl" ride that occured in Fayetteville the day after the shareholders meeting. In Bentonville, during the shareholders convention a billboard cirtical of Walmart was ripped down.


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