Students for a Democratic Society - now forming in Santa Cruz

Thomas Leavitt writes: "If you agree that we need to end the war NOW and that the Bush administration is a clear and present danger to the health and well being of the average American citizen and to liberty and freedom, then you need to join SDS and help bring the noise. Help start Students for a Democratic Society in Santa Cruz and take the anti-war movement to the next level!

Students for a Democratic Society, one of the most influential anti-war groups of the 1960s, has been re-formed, and is preparing for its first national meeting later this year.

My goal in forming the "Ohlone Chapter" is to have SDS in Santa Cruz act as a catalyst for radical, in your face protest, civil disobedience and direct actions aimed at ending the war NOW and disrupting the ability of the powers that be to further their fascist agenda of eliminating civil liberties, imposing a police surveillance state, and shredding the last strands of the safety net." Read more

ucsc student asks: "What about the current, robust, student antiwar movement that is already here in Santa Cruz county?...Is the new SDS going to repeat the problems of the old SDS...?"

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