Rob los Ricos, Freed Political Prisoner Speaks Saturday at Laughing Horse

The self described 'one hit wonder anarchist rock star' Rob 'Los Ricos' Thaxton wasn't always a rebellious 'rock star', or an anarcho-activist, or a "punk" political prisoner. There was a time, not that long ago, when he was just another chavo chicano growing up in some forgotten field town called Pampa, Texas, Watching rebels, reformists, rioters, racketeers, and real rock stars tap dance across his tv screen. But while changing channels, culture, capitalism, corporatization, and the clarion call of chaos came crashing down in the form of the radicalizing revelations of the terroristic Tet Offensive; the political proclamation 'No Vietnamese ever called me nigger' of black (power) boxing champ Muhammad Ali; and finally, the seditious inspiration of the women fighters of the radical Weather underground who seized his catholic grade school for two years when he was a child. By the righteous (r)age of twelve, Rob began to work with various revolutionary organizations, and eventually left Pampa for the streets of Dallas, Texas, where he joined CISPES (the Committee in solidarity with the People of El Salvador), worked with ACT UP, and KNON-FM, a peoples (Pirate) radio station, where he served as program director. read more >>

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