Clackamas County Officer Threatens Damascus Business Owner with Tazer

Dean and his wife Tara ran the breakfast house on 114th Halsey for years before selling and choosing Damascus as a place to live, run their business and raise their family. Dean's restaurant in Damascus is a restaurant like no other. The food is real food, unlike any other. However, that is not all, it has been a place of friends. The locals are always there, everyone is known by name. The waitresses are like out of a movie, so friendly, not just friendly but real friends to everyone. If you want to know anything about Damascus, you go there in the morning and you will learn everything. My four year old now sits at the counter with the local adults and has discussions with them instead of having to be seated at a table with his younger brother and I.

Two days ago, Dean pulled up to his business to the only entry in the building to unload supplies, now this entry is right off of highway 212. While unloading his perishable foods, a Clackamas County officer drove by, stopped in the center lane, and proceeded to tell him to move his truck. Dean then waived him over as to explain that it is a loading space for the kitchen, but the officer recklessly raced through the highway and almost jumped his car on the curb. He then came out of his car demanding that the truck be moved NOW and told Dean he was getting a ticket. Dean made the mistake of actually trying to talk to a Clackamas County Police Officer. The officer began screaming, pulled out his amazing mighty super duper tazor gun, and pointed it at Dean. Dean never once even approached this officer. The officer then called for back up, and Dean went inside of his restaurant out of fear.

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