Gresham Police Officer Kills One With Car, Walks Away Clean

Once again, we find that the grand jury system (and the District Attorneys that control them) is a total failure, as Gresham cop is cleared of wrongdoing in the killing of a Mexican American Family. Fouad Kaady is only one of many victims of this broken system designed to protect cops from responsibility for their actions.

Just what do you think would be your chances of skating, uncharged, unconvicted, and unrepentant, if you busted a stop sign at better than fifty miles an hour, t-boning a mini van full of an unsuspecting family, and you killed them? Think the DA would have any trouble getting an indictment for at the very least reckless endangerment? You would probably go down for manslaughter.

No lights, no siren, no real CAUSE to be speeding, blowing stop signs, etc. existed. The rookie cop just got overzealous in his attempts to protect the citizens from some alleged speeders in the neighborhood.

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