Bi-national Effort Provides Assistance to Thousands of Deported Migrants Every Week

No More Deaths has launched a new Nogales project with Mexican partners to provide assistance to newly deported migrants.

On July 11th in the Mexican National Institute of Immigration (INM) for Nogales, Sonora, a historical partnership was formed between the No More Deaths coalition and Mexican authorities. The press conference announced the new bi-national agreement to give support and humanitarian aid to the thousands of migrants repatriated to Mexico each week.

The project has formed and gained momentum very quickly. Just the week prior, the Commission�s office in Nogales, Sonora, where the No More Deaths project is based, was filled with 19-tons of water, which is more than 18,000 bottles of water. Due to this partnership, the No More Deaths volunteers were granted authorization by the Mexican authorities to pass through the port with more than 30 loads of this water.


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