Juarez Femicides Film Screening

For more than a decade, the cities of Chihuahua and Juarez, near the US-Mexico border, have been killing fields for young women, the site of over 400 unsolved femicides. Despite the horrific nature of these crimes, authorities at all levels exhibit indifference, and there is strong evidence that some officials may be involved. Impunity and corruption has permitted the criminals, whoever they are, to continue committing these acts, knowing there will be no consequences.

A significant number of victims work in the maquiladora sector - sweatshops that produce for export with 90% destined for the United States. Despite the crime wave, they offer almost no protection for their workers.

Small advances in the struggle for justice are due to the perseverance of victims' families who cannot be silenced despite the efforts of state and federal authorities to keep them quiet. Often grassroots groups work in a climate of threats and defamation by government officials for making one simple demand - STOP THE FEMICIDE!

On Wednesday, 26 July, SDIMC, in collaboration with the Young Adult Mystery Squad and Voz Alta, showed two documentaries concerning the situation in Juarez at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Hillcrest: On the Edge, by Steev Hise, and The Mothers of Juarez, by Zulma Aguiar. Steev Hise introduced the films and answered questions following the films. Audio Duration: 1min 50sec, 1min and 27min 50sec.

Mothers of Juarez
Mothers of Juarez
Introduction to On the Edge with Steev Hise 1MB
Introduction to On the Edge with Steev Hise 1MB
Introduction to Mothers of Juarez with Steev Hise 0.6MB
Introduction to Mothers of Juarez with Steev Hise 0.6MB
Q & A with Steev Hise 16MB
Q & A with Steev Hise 16MB
How you can help:

GET INVOLVED! YOU, can help put an end to Femicide in Juarez.

NUESTRAS HIJAS REGRESO A CASA (May Our Daughters Return Home), is an organization made up of the families of the murdered young women.

For more information on this organization and to sign the END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN JUAREZ petition please visit:

The web site also features a pre-written letter and address's to the President of Mexico, and the Governor of the State of Chihuahua under the URGENT ACTIONS tab.

You can donate to this organization directly at:

Write letters of consolation to the mothers at
 nuestras_hijas@yahoo.com.mx &  nuestrashijas@gmail.com.

Write letters to your own local government representatives, and insist that they put pressure on Mexican officials to thoroughly investigate these crimes. Demand that they put forth true effort in bringing the perpetrators to justice. And take real initiative to change the violent atmosphere of Ciudad Juarez, where the value of a women's life presently means nothing!

For easy access to your local government officials use

Additional information at

Filmmaker Steev Hise's website:

homepage:: http://sandiego.indymedia.org/

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