Portland Stands With Lebanon!

Local human rights groups, members of Lebanese families, and faith organizations call for cease fire, humanitarian aid for Lebanon and Gaza, and announce plans for a Sunday, July 30th mobilization for peace in the Middle East.

Mobilization for Peace in the Middle East!
When: Sunday, July 30th at 1pm
Where: Pioneer Courthouse Square

There will be a large community gathering Sunday, July 30th, in Pioneer Courthouse Square from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, to bring attention to the suffering of the people in this region and their ties to Portland. Please come and tell all your friends and family. Bring signs. Show your support for a cease fire, for justice, for negotiation not destruction.

An alliance of local human rights groups, faith organizations and individuals with family ties to the regions of Lebanon and Gaza now under attack by Israeli military forces is calling on the US government to demand an immediate cease fire, and to provide humanitarian aid to those suffering from the violence and blockades.

Even the Arab media has forgotten Palestine || 57 Lebanese civilians , including 37 children, killed in an Israeli army shelling in Qana, Lebanon || Atrocities mount as Israel intensifies bombardment of Lebanon || Israeli forces invade Jenin, injured PNN and Al Jazeera correspondents || Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians || Lebanon's biggest environmental catastrophy: 15,000 ton oil spill hits coast || Lebanese towns desolated by the bombings of Israel || 1967 stealing of Palestinian lands || Ministry of Health: Israeli forces kill 29, injure 128 Palestinians, in one area in 48 hrs || Captured Israeli soldiers were in Lebanon when clashes happened US Vetoes UN Condemnation OF Israeli Attack on UN-Peace-Keepers || Israel and U.S., Partners in Lebanon Offensive || German Peace Movement Demands Israeli Withdrawal || Scotland Threatens To Overrule London On U.S. Weapons Flights To Israel

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