The realm of the real - photography from Lebanon


In the last few weeks, an increasing number of horrible, very upsetting photos of the massacres committed by Israel have been coming out of Lebanon. The alternative media are doing everything possible to break the censorship of images that was enforced by the Corporate and authoritarian State media which only show a sanitized war, disinfected images of material destruction. The smuggling and widespread dissemination of images from 'the realm of the real' that are coming out of Lebanon and Gaza now make all of us uncomfortable. For those of us who do editing and publishing work, they bring up the awful worry of "is this appropriate?" (source: Cyprus Indymedia)

Photographer Guy Smallman has been reporting from Lebanon since early this week. His photo reports show the harsh reality of war and a growing refugee crisis. New York Indymedia photographer Andrew Stern published photos taken after the bombing of two residential buildings in the town of Chiah, near Beirut on August 8th. The Cyprus Indymedia has been reporting constantly on the conflict since it started mid-July. Their website contains numerous (photo) reports on conflict, struggle and solidarity.

Photo reports Guy Smallman:

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