Report: Peak Oil Task Force Meeting

Tuesday August 8th was the second meeting of the Portland Peak Oil Task Force. The first meeting a couple weeks ago, had a presentation on Peak Oil and dealt with Task Force structure and how to go about the job. This meeting focused on the subgroups, and the guidelines that each group will follow. The members of the Task Force all are taking Peak Oil seriously and various comments by some of the members show that the nature of our predicament is understood. Within the time constraints of getting the agenda complete, there was welcome participation from the 1-2 dozens citizens who attended.

It was gratifying to feel that public input was not just accepted, but desired. It is my impression that those on the Task Force recognize the enormity of the task of making recommendations to deal with something that is and will increasingly impact all aspects of our lives. I believe most every person in the room realizes that life as we know it is and will be radically changing and that it will take the collective effort of many people to mitigate the upheaval and suffering that will come.


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