No dogs in farmers market?

This is a heads up for anyone who is making the Farmer's Market rounds during this time of year. If you have a dog, do not go to the Oregon City Farmers' Market. Dogs are not allowed. We live out in the foothills, and were in Oregon City last Saturday, so thought we would go see what produce might be offered in the market. We have a small dog, weighing only 22 pounds. He is well behaved, was on a leash of course, and we carried a plastic bag in plain view so anyone could see that we were ready to take responsibility for anything that might happen. It was a very hot day, so there was no question about leaving the dog in the car. Happily looking at the lovely flowers and fresh vegetables, we were having a good time when an 'official person' with a shirt on which "OCSM" was stenciled, told us that we would have to get out. It is an open air market in a public parking lot near the County Administration Offices (of Fouad Kaady demonstration fame). I think it is totally unreasonable to bar leashed and mannerly dogs from an open air market.


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