BMIMC Exclusive -- Ashcroft to Release New Hit <i>Biometric Control Waltz</i>

#media_1157;left# The news from the Heartland is that the former Senator and U.S. Attorney General has been hard at work on another major musical breakthrough. He is once again taking advantage of those glorious vocal chords with which the creator blessed him. Additionally, the man from Missouri has some truly intriguing things to say about what is really going on in our Capital City.

John Ashcroft will be releasing a new song, which is destined to fly higher than his last. This latest Ashcroft offering is to be titled Biometric Control Waltz or simply Biometric Waltz. According to John, he was inspired to pen this ditty upon learning of his former boss’s announcement of the intended use of biometric employee id cards for temporary workers. Upon the realization that this would mean that all citizens would soon need to have biometric cards, John was ecstatic. Mr. Ashcroft says that his former boss will be joining a group headed by Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, William Jefferson, and Scooter Libby that will produce biometric identity cards and readers for the government. These National Identity Cards, which will be necessary for employment and National Security, will offer full auditability every time an individual transacts with the system as well as the management of identities throughout their life cycle. Governments do have a requirement to implement accurate authentication for all citizens and employees in their countries utilizing systems independently assessed and proven able to handle large population groups using multiple methods of authentication. As Mr. Ashcroft so aptly put it, fear of immigration will allow our government once again to foist an unnecessary control technique upon our citizenry especially when fear of terrorism is engendered by it. John’s new release, sampled below, will be available upon passage of immigration reform mandating biometric identity cards.

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