Countdown to the Richmond Demostration

Poverty wages, brutal conditions, crippling injuries--5,500 workers in Tar Heel, North Carolina face this every day at the world's largest hog processing plant. Cited by Human Rights Watch for violating international human rights standards, Smithfield Packing has created an environment of intimidation, racial tension, and sometimes violence for workers who want a voice on the job. The company, which at one time created its own private police force, was found liable by the National Labor Relations Board and the DC Court of Appeals of assaulting, intimidiating, and illegally firing its workers. In a separate case, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Smithfield illegally threatened workers with arrest by Federal Immigration officials. A century since Upton Sinclair's The Jungle shocked the world about the atrocious conditions endured by workers in meatpacking plants; time stands still at Smithfield. Join the civil rights, religious, community, and labor organizations that are helping workers in the fight to win justice at Smithfield.


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