Bicycle rider hit at 34th and Belmont at about 6:45

The driver, a young white male, is in police custody. He was driving an early model 4 door red Toyota Camry with Oregon tags, speeding westbound on Belmont. Eyewitness said he blew through a 3 second red light around 45-50mph and the cyclist was traveling south saw him before she was hit. The bike sustained little damage (very good frame) but the rider was not wearing a helmet and latest reports by police were not very optimistic on her condition - they would not release her name. Another eyewitness who ran to her aid said she was not conscious and had severe head injuries. Others saw her combative on the stretcher as paramedics took her on the ambulance. PLEASE riders, lets wear our helmets. It doesn't matter how safe you ride, cars can kill. Let's all pray for her survival. contribute to this article...


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