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The Catalan struggle continues

Catalunya gets ready for the Diada, a festivity that commemorates the defeat against Borbon monarchy and that since then, the violently snatched freedom is still pursued. Since 1714, the Catalan pro-independentism revolutionaries have risen up, again and again, to demand their political, social, linguistic and cultural rights. This year, the struggle continues.

[Sep 10th] 23h. Vilafranca Torch March

2006 Diada: [Sep 10th] Diada at gràcia + diada at Penedès + at Martorell + Several locations +++ [Sep 11th] Comissió independentista al Fossar's Acts + Acts comissió 11 set at Arc de triomf + 11sept at Girona

[Sep 11th]12.30h Passeig del Born, Antirepression Demo, preSOS al carrer (freedom to prisoners)
[Sep 11th]17h, Urquinaona Sq., Unitary Demonstration September 11th
[Sep 11th]18h Universitat Sq., cnt Demonstration

[Sep 15-16] Let's strengthen popular communication [l'accent]
[from Sep 2nd to Nov 4th] Several locations Correllengua 2006

history of current revolutionary independentism: history of EI, part I + history of EI, part II + history of EI, part III + history of EI, part IV

+info : >>>cultures + rescat + torch march


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