Three SHAC7 Defendants Sentenced More to Follow

Ok. So, it's bad, but not as bad as it could be. Today, 3 of the defendants were sentenced. Jake got 48 months. Lauren got 52 months. Kevin got 72 months. That's a long time to spend in jail for speaking, but at least it wasn't as much time as our piece of crap government was trying to get out of them.

dissident comments: "This is designed to put a chill into us. Because these people never committed a crime, and we all know this. All they did was speak. None of the charges had to do with any crime. They all had to do with speaking. This is supposed to scare us all into silence. It will NOT. SPEAK.

I will not be silent. We will keep struggling for what is right in the world, for what we believe in, and we will NOT cower in corners. May they be broken out of jail even as the unjust walls come tumbling down and the oppressor shatters."

Josh should be sentenced tomorrow, with Andy and Darius to follow sometime next week. Everybody keep your fingers crossed.

read on to find out how to support these folks...


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