Bike Ride for Climate Justice

On Friday evening, five members of San Diego Cyclists for Justice distributed over 250 flyers on global warming and resistance to corporate climate change while riding through the streets of Hillcrest and North Park. This Bike Ride for Climate Justice was an action in solidarity with activists in Mexico protesting the G8+5 meeting in Monterrey Oct 3-4, where governments of the eight richest countries and five developing nations rubber-stamped a plan to invest trillions in propping up the fossil fuel economy and to shift the burden of ameliorating the effects of resource overconsumption to the Global South through carbon trading.

Flyer distribution began at the haunted house in Balboa Park, where riders pointed out to those in line that climate change is way scarier than ghosts. Shouts of Climate Justice Now, Resist Corporate Climate Change and Stop the G8 echoed off buildings as flyers were handed to pedestrians, coffee drinkers, workers, dog walkers and some drivers along University Ave. The ride ended at the Rubber Rose Sexuality Shop, where a plan was hatched for a Climate Change is Scary Ride - details forthcoming.

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Video: Bike Ride for Climate Justice
Video: Bike Ride for Climate Justice
Climate Justice Flyer x 2
Climate Justice Flyer x 2
Text from the flyer:
Resistance to Corporate Climate Change
--Climate Change
The average global temperature is rising because of an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (up 30%), caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Scientists predict that carbon dioxide levels could double by mid century and that, by 2100, the average global temperature will have increased by almost 6o celsius, more than 10o fahrenheit. “Climate surprises,” such as the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet (shut down the Gulf Stream and make Europe’s climate like Siberia, +7m, +23ft sea level) and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (+5m, +16 sea level) could kill tens of millions.

--The Effects of Climate Change
Scientists predict sea level rise 0.1-0.4m (4-16in) when carbon dioxide levels double, loss of coral reefs, more frequent and widespread wildfires, droughts, increased storminess and flooding, and agricultural and ecological disasters. The effects are being disproportionately felt by residents of the Global South, where rising sea levels are already causing flooding in low lying islands and in Bangladesh. The Arctic has been warming for decades - a loss of sea ice and melting permafrost are endangering indigenous livelihoods and polar bears and other sea mammals.

--Inadequate Government Response
We’ve known for over a decade that greenhouse gases from fossil fuel emissions are endangering the climate and ecological systems we depend on, but the inadequate Kyoto Protocol (not even OTHER SIDE->

ratified by the US - which with 5% of world population emits 25% of the carbon dioxide) and follow-ups are exercises in rearranging the deck chairs as our life support systems are being sacrificed to higher oil corporation profits. The eight richest countries in the world met in Monterrey, Mexico Oct 3-4 to agree to invest trillions to further prop up the fossil fuel economy and to promote carbon trading, which we already know doesn’t work and will just shift the burden further to the developing world.

--Resistance to Corporate Climate Change
People around the world are starting to take matters into their own hands with actions against the corporations and infrastructure that are driving this crisis, including occupations of gas stations, an Earth First! action against a power station and the recent UK Climate Camp. Your creative ideas about how to resist are needed!

--What You Can Do
Educate yourself and your friends. Reduce fossil fuel use. Pressure government and corporate officials. Join and support groups like Rising TIde North America that are working for climate justice. Organize resistance efforts. JOIN US! The Earth belongs to its inhabitants, not corporations. Let’s help take it back!


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