Vote NO on Initiative 933!

The Gifford Pinchot Task Force is urging its supporters to vote NO on Initiative 933. I-933 is the most extreme threat to Washington 's environment and quality of life in over a decade -- rolling back hard fought state and local protections. Please join us in voting NO on I-933!

Initiative 933 puts us in a no-win situation: we are either forced to pay some property owners to abide by our existing laws, or we have to waive those protections. For example, the Task Force is currently working hard to convince Skamania County to zone the forested Swift Reservoir area as commercial forest land so as to head off large scale development of recreation cabins in the currently un-zoned area. Even if we are successful in winning commercial forest land zoning, if I-933 passes, Skamania County will be forced to waive the zoning and allow large scale development because it will not have the funds to compensate the developers for their loss of future profits.


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