Bristol City Council's Shame?

Damning Report from the Commission for Racial Equality "As the council licks its wounds it cannot seek to distance itself from race issues as we fast approach black history month and the forthcoming aniversary of the abolition of slavery 2000. Local communities will have their eyes fixed on the council's next movements within this area." Patti Turner. Patti Turner writes: It is official Bristol City Council is exposed as a poor performer when it comes to delivering an effective race equality scheme. In a recent public meeting held at the Black Development Agency (BDA), the government's race watchdog - The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) launched its report rubbishing Bristol City Council's (Council) on race equality. This report is the brain child of one of CRE's top dogs- Ufuoma Odebler Fregene. This report comes in the backdrop of the council's failure to apologise for slavery and its critised support for the renaming of broadmead as Merchant's Quarter. The report openly attacks the council's scheme as being poor. Ufuoma also goes on to state that the equality officers at the council lack the knowledge and capacity to deliver an effective scheme to this city. In light of these damning statements, the council surely needs to take action if it is to avoid facing legal action and cope effectively with the influx of economic migrants' without further exacerbating economic problems and tensions within the city. Full Article| Bristol City Council's Shame? | Commission For Racial Equality | Black History Month |Contribute An Article - How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide


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