Serial Indymedia contributer in court


Frequent contributer and volunteer of Notts Indymedia Alan Lodge appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court today. On the 18th March Mr. Lodge was confronted by armed officers running down the street in the area of St. Anns. He started taking pictures. One of the officers then approached him and pushed his camera away stopping him from taking pics. He was subsequently pushed over a car and arrested. Then charged with obstruction, he has several court appearences since then.

Today the case was adjourned as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has so far not given the defence access to the memory card from Mr. Lodge's camera which was confiscated during the incident. Over 50 photos are on the memory card which could show what really took place. The magistrates now ordered the CPS to arrange access to the memory card for the defence. Until now police officers have given contradicting statements of the event. Some say Mr. Lodge was 3 foot away while others say 6 foot. Today 6 police officers attended court to give evidence in the case. Them, Mr. Lodge and all his supporters that turned up (from NUJ members, local, national and independent press to some Notts residents) will have to come back on 5th and 6th March next year when the case will be before the courts again.

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