From the Oaxaca Commune, We're Still Waiting...

danielsan reports from Oaxaca City, Mexico

October 12th, 2006 - There have been two APPO supporters killed this week: a painter and a teacher. Two autopsies filmed by human rights observers, two memorials in the Zocalo. There have been many more over the past few months, but as more time passes it seems like the violence comes in waves. They're starting to use the term "death squads" to describe the teams of out-of-uniform cops and military that are always found responsible for the shootings at the barricades or at the building occupations. There are some soldiers and cops around from time to time.

Last night after Panfilo Hernandez Vasquez was shot and killed, two police patrol cars were stopped and smashed in retribution. But no one was hurt--just some smashed windows and a couple of no-longer-driveable cars to add to the barricade. This movement has been unarmed for the whole time. Sticks, sometimes machetes, but never guns. But until what point? How many teachers, picked off by gunfire in the night, as the seemingly endless negotiations drag on? How many memorials in the Zocalo? How long before a guerrila movement resurfaces? Before people leave the morgue with retribution in mind? Read more, view photos and listen to audio

Audio (mp3s): maestra - caso contra URO || maestra - Oaxaca as an example to the world || maestra - educaton en Oaxaca || niño - poesia en zócalo

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