Vote for Affordable Housing in Ashland

Hi Friends,
I received the following message from Rich Rohde and Oregon Action.  The local measure he references seems polarizing, unnecessary and won't receive much attention so I am sending along my recommendation to vote NO on Measure 15-65--Steve
Ashland voters and friends,

Since there is no material in the voters guide about Ballot Measure 15-65 in Ashland please consider this letter and vote no.  Oregon Action has been supporting affordable housing for our community, and we recommend a no vote.

Ashland voters have the opportunity to do the right thing for affordable housing this election by voting a resounding No to Measure 15-65. Designed by anti-affordable housing ideologues, this measure changes the City charter to require that any proposal for a real estate transfer fee in Ashland must be put up for public vote. Read on for two great reasons to vote against 15-65


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