OHSU Again Forces Its Will On The Unsuspecting Public

Oregon Health and Science University is about to reach into their bag of dirty tricks and pull off yet another public fraud. Regrettably, the scam will effect everyone if we do not stand up and fight back.

As reported by local media on Wednesday, OHSU is one of 11 medical centers throughout the United States and Canada taking part in an experimental study using a new type of saline solution, administered intravenously by paramedics on severly injured accident victims. The trial research will replace the use of traditional blood. Hypertonic saline, the experimental fluid, contains more salt than the conventional saline solution or blood.

The study raised ethical questions, since most trauma patients are either unconscious or in shock, they are unable to give the traditional patient-informed consent to be a willing participant in a medical research experiment. The federal Food and Drug Administration allows an exception to the rule "if the medical center adequately notifies the community and gains approval from independent panels of scientists."

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