“Spun” – Mountain Cops in Overdrive

If you've turned on the TV at all in the last few weeks, you can't have missed our new taxpayer supported, "non-partisan," media star - Sheriff Roberts - stumping for Darlene Hooley. He's also on air pitching Measure 3-246, the so-called "Jail" levy, ominously warning us that "the only real deterrent to crime is a waiting jail bed." [Despite the fact that statistics and history prove otherwise.]

As if that wasn't enough, it seems the law-and-order types have co-opted the local print media as well. I've ranted here a time or two before about my hometown rag, The Sandy Post (now brought to us by the Pamplin Media Group), but the Post this week is really over the top. It's nothing but a big ol' cop commercial, a regular law enforcement love fest. It's the "All Cop, All Drug, All Fear" issue. And it's brought to us just in time to scare the living shit out of the general populace so they will vote to approve Roberts' proposed levy. But don't be fooled. Careful reading of these articles reveals the distortions and spin.

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