Schumacher Furs protest report, November 11

Over one year since we began, and the Schumacher Furs demos are still going strong. We've stood together through pouring rain, storms, sweltering heat, crazy proprietors, abusive patrons, and inquisitive newsmedia.

Last week we were deluged with rain, our feet were soaking wet, the umbrellas and tarps came out, but that didn't dampen our protest or our commitment to the animals who live miserable lives on fur farms, or who are trapped painfully in the wild. The radical cheerleaders performed some spirited cheers, we chanted, leafleted, showed educational videos at the Free Speech wagon, ate vegan snacks, and danced in the rain. And at the end of the day, when the metal gate came down in front of Schumacher, we cheered as we do at the close of every Saturday, in celebration of another day spent standing up for the voiceless. It's clear that the party is outside, while inside is a macabre funeral parlor of dead body parts.


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