"Strangled by a Ring of Steel"

A Week in Palestine for the Olive Harvest A Week in Palestine for the Olive Harvest In the second report by Bristolian Ed Hill of BristolComputers4Palestine at the Zaytoun Olive harvest tour of Palestine. Ed writes; I have been telling the media in the UK about the town being "strangled by a ring of steel". But when I arrived and saw the gates and the miles of fencing it was a shock to see it with my own eyes. The "Separation Barrier Wall/Fence" stretches along the hillside so-say protecting the settlement of Ariel. This will eventually become the de-facto new border with Israel, even though it is more then ten miles inside the west Bank...It is such an injustice that this innocent town of farmers, who just want to get on quietly with their own lives, are being treated in this way....In addition to this, we spoke to people who have been victims of army raids into the town. These raids have been happening almost every night over the last week, usually between midnight and four in the morning. Full Article.Images: Top - The Marda team of the Zaytoun Olive Harvest Tour / Bottom - Army exercise near town of Marda Friday 10 NovemberWhile in Bristol the Peace Vigil is holding an extended vigil in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the citizens of Beit Hanoun. On Saturday 18th November between 2pm to 4pm. City Centre. Opposite the Hippodrome. Full Article| Extended Bristol Peace Vigil in Support of Gaza : 18th November | A week in Palestine for the Olive Harvest | Donation to “Children of Bethany” Project | Bristol Computers 4 Palestine | The Children Of Bethany Project | Circus 2 Iraq | Also Of Interest: Bristol Stop-The-War News Update | Killing 'Ecologically' | Going off the rails of the crazy train |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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