James Jahar Perez Murder Revisited

Yesterday, the 9th US Court of Appeals was presented with the details of this case, by Attorney Eldon Rosenthal, who argued that the Portland Police did not have probable cause to shoot, and that the policy within the department was lax, because the policy then in effect (and probably still in effect) did not require that level of protection (probable cause).

Most of us who read this site are aware of the details of this 2004 murder, but for those who are not, a quick recap: Perez, as the name indicates, was of the brown complexion, and driving a car that was "too nice for the neighborhood," and pulled over for "failing to signal for a turn." Moments later, he was shot and killed by Officer Jason Sery. Once the victim was dead, Sery's partner in the crime, Sean Macomber, sealed the deal with his taser for some undiscernable reason. Many more details are available here on Indymedia, beginning with  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/03/284461.shtml

Did I mention that James, like most of the targets of Portland Cops in the last few years, was unarmed?

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