KATU (Li2U) News Hypocritically "reporting" on LA Police Violence

Suddenly, there seems to be some interest in the issue of rampant and widespread police violence. KATU just ran a story showing video of a homeless man being shot in the face with pepper spray as he was handcuffed and sitting in the pig mobile, saying he could not breathe. This, only days after the scandalous video posted to YouTube. And KATU cares? Then where have they BEEN? Pig apologists finally seeing the light? Or just clueless, lame, dumbfucks parroting the latest story off the wire. You be the judge.

If KATU wants to see dramatic footage of police abuse of power, they can check out Videos from the Resistance. Hell, they can even check out their own outtakes. You know, the "news" that was considered too "inflammatory" to air. Yes, they could even show the footage they cut out of the A22 press release video, before airing their absurdly transparent "report" a few years back. (Anyone wanna see what they cut? Go to the video page and download Li2U News. Or, for more of KATU's lyin' dog ways, check out "Fuck the Corporate Media.")

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