News Alert: L.A. Animal Activist "Not Guilty"

After assaults, vandalisms, failed TRO attempts, a lawsuit, and recent police raids against 7 Los Angeles animal rights activists, one under-age protestor is found "not guilty" in juvi court on Wednesday. After 3 protests, activists are raided and cops can't even convict on "noise ordinance" violation.

Activists maintain that the fruit juice company, POM Wonderful, engages in cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals in an effort to exhort the supposed health benefits of pomegranate juice. Currently, the FDA does not require that animal tests be conducted in order for health claims to be made about food products. POM employees have been the subject of a total of three demonstrations and after failing on two occasions to obtain restraining orders against the protestors, POM Wonderful proceeded with a lawsuit against the small group of activists.


San Francisco Federal Grand Jury Threatens Local Animal Activist with Jail

On Friday, Nov. 17, activists will rally at 10 a.m. in front of the Federal Building (450 Golden Gate Ave) in support of local animal advocate Nadia Winstead. Winstead may be ordered to jail at a hearing that morning by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the animal liberation movement.

Winstead and fellow activists were subpoenaed in June to appear before the grand jury. They asserted their constitutional rights against self incrimination and refused to cooperate with what they call government-sponsored harassment. These activists have been targeted before; they were also subpoenaed last year by a previous grand jury investigating the animal liberation movement. "This grand jury, like the last, is being used as a fishing expedition and as a way to intimidate activists in the animal liberation movement," Winstead said. "I refuse to participate in unconstitutional grand jury proceedings that have been used time and time again by this government to harass movements fighting for social change." |



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