Confront the Nazi Menace, Nov. 11---State Capitol

This Saturday, November 11, the white supremacist organization National Socialist Movement (NSM) is holding a hate rally on the south steps of the state Capitol Building Their rally was originally billed as a protest against allowing Jews like Kinky Friedman to participate in elections. However, when they later realized that their rally was scheduled 4 days after the election, they re-billed it as a rally against illegal immigration, a more timeless issue that isn’t too late to seem relevant. Yet, there is still the question of why they chose to hold their rally on Veterans’ Day, at the Capitol, an hour after the annual Veterans’ Day activities take place their. Would it be to honor the millions of World War II vets who fought and died to rid the world of Nazism and Fascism 60 years ago? Or would it be to honor the millions of Jewish, Black, Latino, Native American and Asian American men and women who have served in the Armed Forces? Or does the NSM actually think that brown shirts, jackboots, and swastika arm bands will appeal to these people? No, the NSM would have nothing to do with them. Their audience is a different demographic, the younger, angrier, frustrated kids; the middle age white men who feel resentful for loosing their jobs; all those who are susceptible to their stereotypes, fear mongering and scapegoating To confront the Nazis and stand up for the liberty of migrants and all people meet at Republic Square Park (4th St. and Guadalupe) on Saturday, November 11, at 2:00pm. March to the Capitol at 2:30pm. Sponsored by Central Texas Anti-Racist Action centexara (at) Anti-Racist Action Network | One People's Project | Antifa Network | A History of Anit-Racist Action


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