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Bicycle, enemy #1

The Barcelona City Council "let's its hair down" again and applies two more turns of the screw of its most popular and loved civility guide, the civility by-laws. Because the Barcelona City Council is a good shot and, now, the fortunate targets of so good shot have been the bicycles and their multiple and varied users. Norms and fines of every form and colour for uncivic people who, day by day, create a real and daily solution mounting this two-tires motorless vehicle. Because as it seems, to go on bicycle is not B(Good), regardless what it's told, once in a while, in Barcelona City Council's media propaganda campaigns.

[Friday Dec. 1st, 20h universitat Sq.] Critical Mass - Intergalactic bike ride against anti-bike civic norms

[at 19h Plaza de la Oca - El Clot ] Meeting to go to universitat sq.

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