Venezuelan Election Update


You can't go anywhere in Caracas, these days, with out seeing banners reading, "Chavez No Se Va!!" Elections are only 2 days away on Sunday, December 3rd. As of Thursday the schools of Venezuela have been closed and have been taken over by election officials in order to make sure elections will run smoothly. However, many Venezuelans believe that the elections will run no where near to smooth.

I'm based out of a one of the most established community radio station titled, "Radio Negro Premiro." This station, along with many others, is currently hard at work planning electoral coverage.


photos from pro Chavez rally in Caracas

One week before the Venezuelan presidential elections 2 million Venezuelan citizens from all over the country came to show there support for Hugo Chavez. Apart from the mains stage where Hugo Chavez gave his three hour speech there were over 5 other stages with music and speakers saying Chavez No Se Va.


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