Venezuelans Ready to Vote


Caracas, Venezuela -- This capital city awoke at 3 am at the "toque de diana" or reveille, exhorting all Venezuelans to get out to vote. In between the highly amplified sound of horns played by jubilant citizens, hundreds of loud firecrackers ensured that no one could miss this crucial moment in Venezuelan history. Saturday night was peaceful by all accounts, leading many here to wonder what election day would bring.

There are suggestions that Manuel Rosales (the opposition candidate and governor of the oil-rich state of Zulia) will go back to Zulia and declare it an independent state. Meanwhile, there are increased reports of Marines and US Navy activity in the island-nations of Curazao and Trinidad & Tobago, where the US has military bases. There is a remote possibility that if the Venezulan army was called in to Zulia to secure the oil fields and facilities, the US military could become involved.


Venezuela, country awoken.

To the sound of the reveille and fireworks exploding throughout the city, one awakes and responds, connecting to the media, their community media, and with their neighbors and friends. In the air one can feel a sense of happiness, as the triumphant day, much awaited, finally arrives.

The dense clouds seem lighter. A near full moon can be seen setting towards the west. The freshness of the nearby mountain, Avila, caresses the body, a coolness after the rest interrupted. The blood is felt oxygenating the body.


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