Landmarks Commission 3 - Kurisu Corporation 0

After an initial denial by the Bureau Of Development Services (BDS),Justin Fallon Dollard, in which the Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) agreed with BDS's denial, and asked by HLC to come back with revised plans that address the numerous concerns of BDS staff,the HLC and Boise community members.At the 2nd HLC public meeting, the Kurisu Corporation did not get there plans in early enough for the Commission to review them, and they were given another chance, at a 3rd hearing,which just happened, and once again Holst & the Kurisu corporation did not get their development plans in on time. This time the commissioners suggested because of major development alterations that the developers do another presentation to the neighborhood.

THe Kurisu Corporation will be doing a public presentation of their newly designed, proposed 4 story development, which will sit on what was a community park, just north of the corner of N.Shaver & Mississippi.

1. An Information Session on the Kurisu's City Garden Development- Revised Design on Tuesday, December 5 from 6-7pm at AYOS.


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