New Years Day Protest Plan Stands, Slightly Modified, Despite Controversy

The "human chain" action -- against the Bush regime and in anticipation of the 3000th US troop killed in Iraq -- is still planned for noon on New Year's Day at the Steel Bridge, though details have been modified in the wake of several weeks of heated debate on Portland Indymedia over the non-confrontational tactics chosen by organizers. The plan in Portland is to form a human chain to express solidarity against the Bush regime's actions in Iraq.

Members of the South Side Democracy For America MeetUp and the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition have called for a low-key "family-friendly" anti-war action at the Steel Bridge at noon on New Year's Day to oppose the ongoing US-led carnage in Iraq. Their call is in solidarity with vigils and protests planned across the country in anticipation of the 3000th US casualty in Iraq.

According to another organizer, Joan Coates, the exact location for the gathering has now been changed from on the bridge to next to it at Waterfront Park. "What we were looking for was a place where we could gather and not block any traffic."

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