Local Activist Dan Parry and Companion Killed in Auto Accident

Local activist Dan Parry, 33, and his companion, Megan McMahon, 27, were killed in a Christmas Day auto accident in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago. Two other passengers in the accident were taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. One person is in custody in connection with the crash.

For those of you who didn't know Dan, he was a really cool, caring guy who was very politically astute and genuinely committed to creating a better world. A tireless advocate and volunteer for New World Resource Center, a regular member of the Chicago Socialist Party, an activist for international solidarity with the peoples of Colombia and Palestine, a lifelong activist for social justice, a trained paramedic, Dan had finally got into the electrical workers union (IBEW) a while back, fulfilling a longtime vocational and political aspiration.

In addition, as an avid supporter of Glasgow Celtic Football Club, he would also be regularly seen in the wee hours of the morning at the Globe Pub cheering on his Hoops. Finally, he had also gained notoriety as a DJ, spinning "Northern Soul" records at various locations around town.

Dan’s energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to work with people of all milieus and political persuasions made him unique among the Chicago activist community.

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Dan's name is being used on anti immigration site

Please help us get it removed 18.Jan.2007 06:42

Please, everyone, send this man e-mail about removing Dan's name from his website


It is sad enough that we lost a good friend and activist; let's not let his death be used as anti-immigrant propaganda.

Dan was avidly against this sort of thing, and his name should not be associated with it.

His email is:

No matter your personal political views, imagine your name being accosiated with that you would not support.
Removing Dan's name from this site doesn't mean you are agreeing with his beliefs, it means you are supporting Dan after death to remain true to the life he lived and loved.
The site claims to retract errors within 24 hours of notification of the error. I will commit to emailing this man every 24 hours that Dan's name remains on the website, please see it do do the same.

Thank you.