PDX SingleParentsHousingCollective

Weekly meetings and online discussion and resources for building sustainable community around single parents and young children
Inviting space for the elements of a sustainable society to cohere.

I chose the name "Freefamilies" to remind us all of the root and goal, freedom, available to us. So now I have a little daughter, for one. And I am NOT afraid to invent new ways for us to live on this magnificent planet, with so many other beautiful and powerful beings. As we take action outside of prescribed, consumerist, and misinformed modalities we become "social entrepreneurs."

Weekly meetings have been at the Red&Black cafe on Saturdays at 11am. Sometimes nobody shows, and sometimes we coordinate an outdoor meeting place or event, so please call or email first to make sure. A future space at Liberty Hall is much desired.

Please feel free to explore and post your thoughts on our new amateur website:  http://www.freefamilies.org/wb

homepage:: http://portland.indymedia.org/

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