The US Navy: Recruiting in NYC AOL Chat Rooms?

A quick glance at NavyRecruiterNYC profile on AOL tells us that "If you reading this profile already that means something you doing aint working for you!!! If you need school money, a new start or like myself just needed some guidance hit me up, im your girl".

So here I am waking up turning on my computers. I usually leave one signed on to AOL and in a chat room. Yes, I still have AOL even though I use broadband. I keep it for other things I guess. Anyhow, it was the weirdest thing to see a military recruiter in the NYC chat room openly recruiting. I did not think they would go this far. I guess enlisting new people must really be getting difficult thanks to Bush's war. I wonder if other branches of the military are also doing this? Also, where else are they online? Do they have Myspace, Facebook and Friendster profiles too? Are there military recruiting stations in Second Life?


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