Narco News: AP Reporter in Oaxaca Accepts Money From Oaxacan State Government

Associated Press correspondent in Oaxaca, Rebeca Romero, sent us an email on Sunday, January 7, and also published it on her website, ADN Sureste (“Southeast Digital News Agency”), of which she is the publisher. Her letter (and introduction to it on her website) is marked by the same shoddy qualities as her AP reports from Oaxaca during 2006 about the conflicts there. She makes vague claims that she does not document about a supposed “lynch mob climate” against her that she says was generated by Narco News, specifically by a report that she is paid by Oaxaca’s state government, which she denies. [Read More From Narco News || Complete Record of Romero's Oaxaca Reporting]

In addition to being an unethical and disgraced pro-government “journalist,” Mrs. Romero is evidently not a very bright one. In her breathless denial that she receives funds from Oaxaca governor Ulises Ruiz (with whom she claims only a “professional relationship”) she inadvertently offers hard evidence that contradicts her defensive claim. On the right hand side of that web page are a series of advertisements, the largest of which is sponsored by “the Oaxaca State Government” (“Oaxaca… Gobierno del Estado,” in Spanish). It appears under a similar ad sponsored by the state government of Puebla (known for its pedophile-protecting “precious governor” Mario Marín), and above another ad for the municipal city government of Oaxaca, among other interesting sponsors.


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