Bush’s Iraq Strategy for 2007: A Second Civil War ... Or Genocide?

After all the study groups and reports, an electoral repudiation, months of deliberation and hundreds of thousands dead, the Bush administration Iraq policy debate boils down to this: choosing between genocide against Sunni Arabs – a strategy known as the “80 percent solution” – or fomenting a second civil war, this one a Shia-on- Shia death match.

National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley outlined the plan in a secret memo published by the New York Times in November. Hadley explained that the Bush administration wants to reshuffle Maliki’s coalition so he no longer needs the support of 30 Assembly members loyal to Sadr. Afraid this might cause Iraqi security forces to fracture and lead “to major Shia disturbances in southern Iraq,” Hadley recommends that the United States “provide Maliki with additional forces of some kind,” the rationale for the surge.

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