Oklahoma peacemakers organizing bus to DC for 1/27 march

Reserve your place immediately to ensure bus trip A bus will leave Tulsa on Friday, return Tuesday. 32 reservations needed. OKC solidarity rally also planned A bus will leave Tulsa on Friday, return Tuesday. 32 reservations needed. OKC solidarity rally also planned. Donations needed to fund seats for those not able to pay. All details follow "read more" link.Let's get a lot of Oklahomans to this event:*****************************************MARCH ON WASHINGTON 1/27EDUCATION AND LOBBYING ACTION 1/28 AND 1/29http://www.unitedforpeace.org*****************************************I'll dispense with the rational for the events occurring in DC and around the world this weekend. If you are getting this email, I suspect you know them quite well.We're trying to provide a relatively low-cost bus ride (and fun, bonding experience) for Oklahoma activists. (Cuz all the cars we know of are full.)If you can, join us; if not make a donation to help fund someone else's seat. Read on!*************************PASS THIS EMAIL ON TO YOUR FRIENDS AND ACTIVIST NETWORKS**************************(HELP US ALERT THE MEDIA!!! Folks are going by plane, train, car, whatever. If you are an Oklahoman planning to be there by any means, please send email to gypsyresort@yahoo.com with "In DC on 1/27" in the subject line. We want to be able to tell the media about our participation. If you are willing to speak to media, tell us that too.)*************************************URGENT ACTION ALERT!!! BUS TRIP TO DCFOR 1/27 - 29 ACTIONS AGAINST THE WAR*************************************[Oklahoma City support action info below.]There is an opportunity to rent a bus to take at least 32 Oklahomans to DC for the big events (detailed below) from Saturday 1/27 to Monday 1/29. With 32 on board, the cost would be $355 round trip per person, and it INCLUDES two nights accommodations (quad rooms). There is also some sponsored spots on the bus available, so don't let lack of the entire amount stop you.BUT TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!! We need to know you want to "get on the bus" NOW - if we don't have 32 COMMITTED AND CONFIRMED by Thursday, it's a no go. Read on for specifics.*** FORWARD, PLEASE. Please pass this message on to as many of your activist friends and networks as possible, ASAP. If this message gets truncated or tangled up by the web vixens, you can find the complete content at okimc.org *******************************BUS TO DC BUS INFO(this is pending and will only happen if enough people sign up. We need to hear from you by Wednesday 1/24)The bus roundtrip from TULSA with 2 nites hotel in D.C. is only $355 per person, but we need a minimum of 32 people (with 40 people we could get that down to just $319 per person) . . . but hotel space is going fast . (IF 32 seats paid for) Bus will depart Tulsa 9 a.m. Friday, Jan. 26, arrive at 5 a.m. on the 27th in time to March on the capital, 2 nites hotel/QUAD occupancy, departing D.C. 4 p.m. Jan. 29 to arrive Tulsa 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30. -- $355 per person To reserve a seat, call Linda at 918-583-8111 (TOLL-FREE 888-416-4141). You can use a credit card (3.5% surcharge), or mail a check to the address below. All monies will be held until it's a sure thing. If more than 32 seats are sold/sponsored, the cost per person will be reduced. If sending a check, due to lag time, you MUST call Linda and tell her. You will not have a seat otherwise. Mail checks to: Von Bears, Attn: Linda, 723 N. Cheyenne, Tulsa 74106SPONSOR AN ACTIVIST: Donate $50 to help someone else get there. Talk to Linda.CARPOOL FROM OKC TO TULSA: Yes, if bus plans go through, this will be arranged. Details pending. Check with Peace House or okimc.org for last minute news.*******************************************NATIONAL INFOGroups organizing various parts of the actioin:* http://unitedforpeace.org - main site for organizing info and event details* http://veteransforpeace.org - vets are planning some affinity actions (they'll be marching at head of march on 1/27)* http://codepink4peace.org/ - women making righteous ruckus***************************************SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES IN DCActions, Events, & Map for January 27th AvailableWashington DC Events & ActionsJanuary 25 - 29thwww.unitedforpeace. orgwww.veteransforpeace.orgMAP OF RALLY SITE: http://www.veterans forpeace.org/File/photos/ufpj% 20rally%20site.jpgHere is the most information we have to date regarding the upcoming rally and march in Washington DC. Please note that VFP members will meet at the front & left of the stage (when you are looking at it). VFP members should arrive early so they can be sure to be in the beginning of the march. We will have more information on www.veteransforpeac e.org as soon as we have it available. Map: http://www.veterans forpeace.org/File/photos/ufpj% 20rally%20site.jpg------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -----Thursday, January 252:00 p.m.: Veterans For Peace: Support and Defend the Constitutionhttp://www.veterans forpeace. org/defend_ and_support_ constitution. vp.html(Stop The Madness of George Bush)WHEN: Thursday, January 25th, 2 p.m.WHERE: U.S. Capitol Building, West Front Lawn, Washington D.C.Contact: Daniel Fearn, aldermn@earthlink. net, (612) 529-9345All veterans are welcomed to participate. The general public is welcomed and encouraged to attend.------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -----Saturday, January 279am: Preparing Ourselves for Peace Work: An Interfaith ServiceLutheran Church of the Reformation, 212 East Capitol Street NESponsored by the Network of Spiritual Progressives and the Buddhist Peace Delegation. (The service will conclude in time for participants to join the rally on the Mall at 11 am.) Click here for directions to the church11am-1pm: Assembly and RallyNational Mall, between 3rd and 7th streetsVeterans For Peace will meet in front of the stage, looking at the stage it will be on the left side. Members of VFP and MFSO, along with others, will march near the beginning. It is very important to be sure to be to the left of the stage around 10 am. The rally begins at 11:00 am, the march will begin around 1:00 pm. If you want to march with VFP and our sister organizations, you must be in that area when the march leaves. * more information will come out in the VFP website as soon as we have it available.1pm-??: March on WashingtonExact route TBD. ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -----Sunday, January 289am-12pm: Organizing sessions and educational workshopsClick here for full schedule: http://www.unitedfo rpeace.org/ article.php? id=348512:30-4:30pm: Lobby trainingLocation: Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School, 4301 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD8pm-10pm: Benefit for UFPJBusboys and Poets, 2021 14th St., NW (near U Street Metro Station). Check here for more details. ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -----Monday, January 29All Day: Grassroots Congressional Education DayClick here for further details and to register: http://www.unitedfo rpeace.org/ modinput4. php?modin= 1212:00 p.m.: "Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus"Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus - 1100 Longworth House Office BuildingIraq Book Forum & Discussion - Members of Congress and Special guests will discuss their opposition to the Iraq war and the President's plan to escalate the war.For more information, check out the PDF: http://www.veterans forpeace. org/File/ pdf/Iraq% 20Book%20Fare- 2.pdf**********************************************OKLAHOMA INFO - event in solidarity with DC action for those who can't travelOKC: No Escalation! End the War! Troops Home Now! A NATIONAL CALL: SATURDAY, JANUARY 27: Thousands are going to Washington, DC, to demonstrate where Congress - the Seat of Government - is in Session. ******************IN OKLAHOMA CITY, COME DEMONSTRATE FOR PEACE at OUR Seat of Government: Our State CapitolState Capitol RALLY FOR PEACE IN IRAQNoon to 1 pm, South Plaza at the Capitol Music / Speakers / Tables / Boots Keynote: Rev.Dr. Robin Meyers Opinion Leaders Being Invited Bring signs. Bring friends and family. Nonviolent Call to End the War.-- 1 pm Peace Walk from Capitol to Follow -- Tables and Information Sponsored byThe Peace House, Spiritual Walk For Peace, Veterans For Peace,CodePink, Dept.of Peace Campaign, OCCO, DFA, Endorsements InvitedCarpooling from Tulsa leaves 9 AM. Contact Valerie at ValMapAck1@yahoo.com If you know of other related OK events on 1/27, please let Rena know (see email below)***************************************FMI:http://www.peacehouseok.orghttp://okimc.orgRena (OKC Metro): 405-615-2700 or gypsyresort@yahoo.com****************************************FINALLYIf you've read this far, you are invited to join a listserve/site that we're trying to develop into a statewide action and organizing resource. Sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/okprogressive (temp location).

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