Know Your Rights & Resist the Police State Workshop

Wednesday, Jan. 24th
4:30 to 6:30pm
Lincoln and Cedar
Resisting the Police State: A Free Skool Santa Cruz Workshop

Know your "rights" before you find yourself in hot water. Keep yourself safe from police repression. Take the Know Your Rights Quiz and see how much you know. Detentions, arrest, searches, interrogation, jail, warrants, and police infiltration.

Our system of laws exists to maintain the dominance of those in power, and the police are its armed enforcers. If you doubt this for a minute, look at who are the selective targets of local laws: The homeless, the young, the poor, dissenters. Globally, look at who dies and who gets rich from our wars and other disasters.

For 250 years in this country, the government and their enforcers have consistently fought against people working for liberation: Indigenous resistance, land reformers, slave revolts, abolitionists, labor organizers & workers, free-speech advocates, women and civil rights workers, anti-war and anti-globalization protesters, and recently, animal rights and environmental activists. Read more, download a poster and handbill


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