Pipe vs. People

"This wanton destruction of our environment and our basic human rights cannot...continue." "This wanton destruction of our environment and our basic human rights cannot and will not be allowed to continue." Bristol Rising Tide writes: Come and skill share platform building in the trees. If you want to get to the protest against the building of the pipline in Wales, lend a hand, take banners, blankets, orchestra, hot tea, popular education. Here are some dierctions: Off the A40, 4 Miles West of Brecon, Near the church look out for the banner that says 'STOP THE PIPELINE'. A Bristol activist said today that the pipeline is in the second phase of building. Campers have set up by occupying the land and set up a platform in the trees and camping on the ground. Tree cutting has been happening. Full Article.The background to the protest is: Today saw setbacks to the progress of the South Wales LNG Pipeline for the second week running. Work was delayed at three separate sites along the gigantic 115 mile route way, by a growing anti-pipe movement. The pipeline is part of a massive National Grid project to lay a 115-mile pipeline from Milford Haven to Tirely in Gloucestershire. The project has sparked controversy and opposition from the onset....Opponents say their investigations have led them to the conclusion that it's purely profit led and dangerously hasty. By the Health and Safety Executive's own admission there will be a hole in this pipeline during its lifetime. The volatile safety risks, environmental destruction and significant contribution to climate chaos are the price of National Grid being left unchecked to line their pockets. Cause for a significant and ever increasing number of citizens to take action. These include local communities the length of the route, campaign group Safe Haven Network, climate change groups such as Rising Tide and those concerned with the desecration of mile after mile of beautiful land.| Directions to the Pipline | Details of Altwen Pipe Protest | Pipeline Protest Summary | 4th Protest on Pipeline Started today!!! | Related News: CARRY ON CAMPING! Camp for Climate Action 2007 off to a running start |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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