Washington County Peace Vigil 1-24-07


About 60 people assembled tonight to demonstrate against Chimpy's lame SOTU speech. Hat's off to senator Webb for his rebuttal.

Jim Webb of Virginia was selected to give the Democratic response to Bush's SoTU, and boy, did they make the right choice. Webb hit all the right notes, his points impressive and unassailable. Rather than even dignify the fearmongering and drawing of parallels of 9/11 to aggression in the Middle East, Webb just pointed out that the Democrats are representing the will of the people in their desire to see an end to the quagmire and that if Bush didn't want to listen to the people that put him in office, the Democrats would lead him to the will of the people.


Petition delivered to Gordon Smith's office this morning in downtown Portland

Over 10,000 signatures were delivered to Senator Smith's assistant urging our Senator to vote for the resolution opposing escalation in Iraq.

Here are a few photos from the event. Koin and KGW sent camera crews and reporters to the event.


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