Six Angry Grandmothers of the Surge Protection Brigade Arrested


On Friday, February 2, 2007 members of the Surge Protection Brigade in Portland, Oregon successfully blocked entrance to the Army/Marine Recruiting office on NE Broadway for two and a half hours. Emphasizing that many of them are grandmothers, they arrived at 7:45 AM with their rocking chairs. They rocked and stood in front of the three doors of the office, denying entrance to two recruiters and several visitors. At one point, frustrated recruiters physically pushed two of the protesters aside to squeeze through the back door. When two recruiters left to get breakfast they were denied re-entry and the accompanying police officer told them they would have to wait outside.

The police, after calling in enough reinforcements that they out-numbered demonstrators by about two to one, finally moved to arrest six of the grandmotherly protesters. They also took three rocking chairs into custody.


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