Will the US bomb Iran?


Detailed plans and attack orders for an attack on Iran, along with the forces to carry them out, will be in place by the end of February, 2007. Debkafile reported on January 31, 2007 that an Iranian official predicts that the first US military action against Iran will begin around the end of March. The US would simultaneously execute with lightning speed: air-to-ground attacks, naval shore bombardment, anti-ship and anti-submarine attacks, and marine assaults on Gulf islands and coastal areas with anti-ship and anti-air emplacements. These attacks will be to secure the safety of US naval forces in the Gulf, and to secure control of the air over Iran. At the same time sea-launched cruise missiles with preset individual building targets, will begin the attacks on nuclear, military and economic infrastructure targets (transportation, electrical utilities). As soon as naval forces are safe and control of the air is secured, more of the same target types will be attacked by air-launched cruise missiles and guided bombs with pre-programmed precision targets. Note that the plan is not to invade and occupy Iran, but only to seriously degrade its nuclear and military capabilities, along with some related transportation and electrical generation infrastructure.


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