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A year later... 4f(Feb4)..kidnapped by Spanish State

It's been a year already!!! complete summary :: Call for demonstration

DEMONSTRATION February the 4th at 18h in Universitat Sq. (bring your own saucepan)

+Álex, Juan and Rodri's communique after a year in prison

4F(Feb4th) 2006 - 4F 2007: a year of mobilizations for freedom: 9F February 4th Prisoners' Communique :: 19F Some 4F news disappear from City Council's webpage :: 26F Informative lectures :: 30M Álex's letter, 4F detained :: 20Jun Communiques in the start of the hunger strike :: 12Jul Gathering at Youth Prison :: 13Jul Support demonstration to February 4th prisoners :: 17Jul [video] Interview to the mother of a detained :: 18Jul Hunger strike situation :: 20Jul Juan's communique from La Trinidad :: 22Jul Gathering in Berlin :: 28Jul Communique on Àlex hunger strike's end :: 30Jul Day of international action to support the prisoners :: 3A 6 months detained :: 4A Action in support of February 4th prisoners :: 12A Repression in Santiago during the meeting for the freedom of 4F anarchist prisoners :: 15A Buenos (A)ires active solidarity with 4F "compas" :: 25A Protesters burst in... :: 26Oct Gathering with flowerpots for 4F prisoners :: 4N 9 months into jail, support ride :: 12D Situation of 4F prisoners in the beginning of December

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