Homeless Encampment in Olympia


On February 1st at 12 PM, the Olympia Poor People's Union (PPU) set up a tent encampment on city property. The date of the action intentionally corresponds with the city's implementation of an amended pedestrian interference code already in effect. The addition of Ordinance No. 6456n to the existing law criminalizes sidewalk sitting with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. This act of civil disobedience, the encampment, was carried out in response to growing discontentment amongst Olympia's poor people over the slow, systematic attempt at the dispossession of our city's homeless, orchestrated and supported by some city officials and business owners.

In addition, significant portions of the population of Olympia have taken on a generally dismissive and apathetic attitude towards the plight of those in need. This is the inception of an ongoing effort on the part of the PPU to find a sustainable, dignified way to address the issue of homelessness in this area, rather than to ignore it or to punish its victims.


City Refusing To Talk With The PPU!

After passing a serious of ridiculous laws banning sitting on the sidewalk, panhandling and busking, the City said they would give 200,000$ to the homeless. Regardless of the fact that 200,000$, divided among all the homeless in Olympia, cannot do anything, the City is not only threatening to take away the 200,00$, but they are refusing the even talk with us. There has been talk that the police may move in on us on Monday. So, refusing to talk with us or respect us as human beings, the City is ready to use force against us.

Please, tell everyone you know about what is going on here and, if you can, come down to the encampment. It is located on the corner of Capitol and Columbia, behind The Brotherhood bar.


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