Camp Quixote in Olympia Given Orders to Shut Down

On February 1st, the day that the City of Olympia banned sitting, panhandling or performing on the sidewalk, the Poor People's Union set up a tent encampment in downtown Olympia at the corner of Capitol and Columbia. Dozens of local businesses and residents have donated food, clothing and other assorted necessities. People who would have been sleeping outside alone, isolated from any sort of community have now found one.

Today, February 6th, the city manager Steve Hall and the police chief came down to the camp and, after kicking one of our tent poles over, gave us a verbal order to disperse. We need people to call all of their friends, contact as many media sources as possible and generally spread the word. We need people to physically be there for support and to continue what we are doing when some of us are in jail. | read more >>

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