Triqui Peoples in Oaxaca

Triqui Peoples in Oaxaca Take Over

On January 21, 2007, in San Juan Oaxaca Mexico, the Triqui indigenous peoples with help from the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxca, declared their autonomy from the state government. Their announcement came after community leaders deliberated for two months among themselves to elect a president, a vice president, a mayor, a secretary, and six people who make up the Council of Elders. The new president of this autonomous governing body, Jose Ramirez Flores, a 32 year old farmer, has recieved a number of death threats, along with others who took part in the assembly to elect leaders. One man, Roberto Garcia Flores, was assinated on his way to the assembly.

Their reasons for forming their own government are simple: deception, oppression, and neglect practiced by the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the party that has been in power in that region for almost 60 years. Read More...

Photo by Jose Antonio Lopez


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